Apeiron (ἄπειρον)

The earliest known philosophical term. Literally ‘without limit’, it is used by Anaximander for the material out of which everything arises.

The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy

For us, text is a mystery.

Apeiron gives a new, intensive, intuitive, and profound form to the activity of reading, analyzing, and understanding text.

Text is the representation of evidence

On the one hand, encryptions will collect and present unambiguous symbols from within the text, such as words, characters, places, etc. On the other hand, encryptions can also lead to an entirely different system of symbols.

Interpretive Cycle

Producing the entire whole within this cycle, is obtained by collecting the different details from within each circle, through an analytic discussion between all circles.

The text is the raw material

We are redirecting back towards the Logus. Logic and the use of words. It is a basic consciousness and a primal one, existing within each and every one of us.